Our Story

— Meet the Founders


It all started with our love of wrist watches, design, and fashion. We believe details matter, premium materials are a must, and that beautiful colors bring light and happiness to peoples’ lives. So we set out to design and create a modern, hip line of wristwear. Whether you're drawn to a leather wrist strap or a beaded stacker, every piece is handcrafted with quality craftsmanship.


We think that what we wear on our wrist should do more than tell time. They should make you feel good, bring a smile to your face, and stand the test of time. Whether you wear a stacker with your watch or simply adorn your other wrist, it’s our aim to raise your fashion quotient and turn some heads.


WristBend is the brain child of Serena Christy, Jenn Hofmann and Kelly Zimmerman. Serena and Kelly have been collecting watches for decades, while Jenn was busy working abroad and traveling the globe. All of their worlds collided in Bend, OR where the majestic colors of the alpenglow sunrises and sunsets spoke to them. It was Bend’s striking backdrop that unleashed their creative energy to design something they love and wanted to share with the world.

"We hope to instill in people an appreciation of what inspires us. Edited design details where color, innovative geometry and flow converge." Founder & Designer Serena Christy